about us

Perfume Drops

Perfume drops is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of floral Extracts, Botanical oil and Standardized herbal Extracts in India. We have unique in floral concretes, floral absolute, Spice Oleoresin and spice essential oils for perfumery products and personal care products.

We take pride in our products. We believe nature has provided the world with all the tools we need to grow and thrive. Here at perfume drops, we’ve taken up the challenge of finding how to best use them for society.

Production Plant

Our production plant in Maduari (Tamil Nadu) with an extraction capacity of over 8 tons of raw material, is designed with the latest technology and strict safety standards in order to meet the quality criteria and good manufacturing practices (GMP) standards.

Quality Control

We ensure compliance with standards and specifications, in order to guarantee the quality of our products, and ensure the quality of manufactured batches in the shortest possible time-scales.

Guaranteed PURE

Raw Material Selection

We search and select Raw material that fits our necessities through specific analysis using different analytical techniques

Ingredient Sourcing

Process Control

Control of each critical step during the process to guarantee the product quality