Floral Concretes

floral concretes are true to natural fragrances and are primarily used in cosmetic and perfumery applications.

Floral Absolutes

Floral absolutes are obtained through enrichment extraction of floral concretes at the second stage of extraction. Used in perfumery and aromatherapy

S.No Floral Concretes Floral Absolutes
1 Jasmine Sambac Concrete Jasmine Samabac Absolute
2 Jasmine grandiflorum concrete Jasmine grandiflorum absolute
3 Tuberose Concrete Tuberose Absolute
4 Rose centifolia Concrete Rose centifolia Absolute
5 Mimosa concrete Mimosa absolute
6 Champaka Concrete Champaka absolute
7 Lotus concrete Lotus Absolute
8 Frangipani Concrete Frangipani Absolute