Oleoresins are pure and natural extracts of Spice, obtained by solvent extraction. These concentrated extracts contains all the flavors components, be it volatile oils or non-volatile resinous fractions.

Usage of spice oleoresins leads to standardization in taste and consistency in flavor. Oleoresins find application in Beverages, Meat Canning, Confectionery, Sauces and Pharmaceuticals.

S.No Product Name Specification
1 Fenugreek Oleoresin As per Standard requirement
2 Black pepper Oleoresin 40%Piperine,20% VOC
3 Black pepper Oleoresin 48% Piperine,5% VOC
4 Capsicum Oleoresin 2.5%-95% Capsaicin
5 Cardamom Oleoresin 20-70% VOC
6 Turmeric Oleoresin 17%-95% Curcumin Content
7 Ginger Oleoresin 20-30% VOC